Longtime Togo’s Fan-Turned-Franchisee Opens New Location in Carmichael, California

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Longtime Togo’s Fan-Turned-Franchisee Opens New Location in Carmichael, California
Longtime Togo’s Fan-Turned-Franchisee Opens New Location in Carmichael, California
After enjoying Togo’s since he was in high school, Terry Cornwell is now a proud owner of a restaurant of his own.

Terry Cornwell has been grabbing Togo’s sandwiches for lunch ever since he was in high school in Carmichael, California. Like most California natives, he developed a deep love for the brand’s commitment to fresh, high-quality sandwiches over the years. So one day, when his wife was biting into a Togo’s pastrami sandwich and said, “You know, there’s really nothing else out there that beats a Togo’s sandwich,” Cornwell was struck by a brilliant idea—why couldn’t they open a Togo’s restaurant of their own?

“And then we did—we decided to invest in the Togo’s brand as franchisees. Today, I joke that that was the most expensive Togo’s sandwich of all time,” Cornwell said. “But the truth is, I can’t see myself doing anything other than what I’m doing today.”

Cornwell first joined the brand a little over a year ago when he bought an existing location in Davis, California. But when he discovered the vast opportunity for Togo’s in Carmichael—a town just outside of Sacramento—Cornwell decided he was ready for his second location. And this time, he’d be building it from the ground up.

“When I was in high school, Carmichael is where I first started eating Togo’s,” Cornwell said. “This area has been without a Togo’s for a few years, so we’re excited to bring it back at such a fantastic location.”

Aside from his love for the product itself, Cornwell was drawn to Togo’s due to its unparalleled corporate support and system of passionate franchisees. When he first met with the team at Togos’ corporate headquarters, every single person he encountered was informative, supportive and welcoming. The same traits were embodied by every single franchisee he spoke with, too.

“While researching the Togo’s franchise opportunity more in depth, I decided to call up as many existing franchisees as possible just to see what their experience has been like. Every person was incredible, and they made me feel so welcome. But most importantly, everyone was happy,” Cornwell said. “At Togo’s, I’m not just a number—I’m part of a family.”

With a grand opening set for early 2017, Cornwell is excited to bring a new Togo’s location to the very same town where he had his first bite of the brand’s famous sandwiches. And with an investment range of $239,700 to $543,200 and nearly 300 locations open or in development, Cornwell is aiming to continue bringing that same authentic Togo’s experience to even more locations in the years to come.

“I was eating at a Togo’s restaurant in high school in the Sacramento area when the brand was just getting its start—now, I’ve been able to both watch, and contribute to, its growth throughout the area,” Cornwell said. “I always remember Togo’s being such a fun place to eat. The people there and the employees always seemed so happy to be there. I’m happy I can help spread the unique culture that makes Togo’s so great.”