The Top Five Reasons to Become a Franchise Owner with Togo’s

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The Top Five Reasons to Become a Franchise Owner with Togo’s
The Top Five Reasons to Become a Franchise Owner with Togo’s
From its supportive and affordable business ownership opportunity to its strong growth potential, the growing sandwich concept gives its franchisees a variety of advantages over the competition.

Demand in the sandwich segment of the restaurant industry is on the rise. Consumers are craving customizable meal options that are created with quality food on the go. But that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to sacrifice customer service—a positive environment that’s designed to enhance a customer’s experience goes a long way when trying to attract consumers. That’s why Togo’s stands out as the sandwich brand to beat.

The West Coast-based chain has a long history of raising the bar in the sandwich industry. For more than 45 years, the brand’s commitment to innovation—both on its menu and in its restaurants—has positioned Togo’s at the forefront of the growing industry. And with its sights set on continued development across key target markets like the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, California in 2017, it’s clear that its momentum isn’t likely to slow down.

That momentum is one of the many reasons that entrepreneurs consistently sign on to become a Togo’s franchisee. But it’s far from the only factor that proves why being a business owner with the brand is a good investment. Here are the top five reasons to invest in Togo’s.

 1. Togo’s Sandwiches are an In-Demand Fan Favorite that Stand Out from the Competition

While the sandwich segment is booming, consumers have it made it clear that they only want to visit brands that are committed to serving the best. And when it comes to top quality sandwiches, there isn’t another concept out there that can match Togo’s. The brand is known for piling meat on every one of its made-to-order sandwiches in addition to its fresh toppings that consumers can customize. By giving its customers the opportunity to create the sandwich that’s perfectly tailored to their taste, Togo’s has become a go-to in communities across the country.

“The first thing that my husband and I noticed about Togo’s was its freshness. Its sandwiches are so much better than other brands—that’s one of the main reasons why we decided to become franchisees,” said Jin Singh, a Togo’s owner in South San Francisco. “Our customers rave about our quality too, and it’s absolutely reflected in our sales. Our location has only been open since the beginning of the year, but we already have customers lining up outside to order their favorite Togo’s sandwich during lunch.”

2. Opportunities for Growth Are Available in Major Development Markets

With nearly 300 restaurants that are either open or under development in communities across the West Coast, it’s clear that Togo’s has created a concept that works in a variety of settings. But that doesn’t mean that the brand isn’t actively growing—Togo’s is still ramping up its development efforts. That means that franchisees who come into the system can open up their own location in a prime market, including major cities across Togo’s home state of California.

“There’s still so much room for the Togo’s brand to expand across the country. And with our targeted development efforts—specifically on the West Coast—franchisees have the opportunity to capitalize on our strong brand awareness in the area,” said Mike Norcup, vice president of franchise sales at Togo’s. “We’re looking forward to welcoming more passionate local owners into our system over the course of the next year. Demand in the sandwich segment isn’t going anywhere, and we’re in a perfect position to make the most of it going forward.”

3. The QSR Industry is Outperforming Other Restaurant Segments

Due to the state of the economy that’s still recovering from the recession, restaurant sales have been stagnant. Performance isn’t slipping—it’s simply staying the same. However, the QSR segment of the industry is doing better than most. According to predictions from the NPD Group, quick service chains are expected to experience positive growth in 2017. The industry is expected to see customer visits rise by one percent, even as the rest of the restaurant industry continues to stall.

4. Togo’s Offers its Franchisees a Supportive and Affordable Business Ownership Opportunity

Togo’s franchise system is designed to set its local owners up for success. Its corporate support team guides franchisees through the entire business ownership process, from securing the right location to ramping up local marketing campaigns to get the word out about a grand opening. It’s also incredibly affordable for entrepreneurs to open up their own Togo’s restaurant—startup costs range from $239,700 to $543,200.

“Everyone on the Togo’s has team has been incredibly helpful as we’ve gotten our business off the ground. They’ve created the perfect balance of support and autonomy—we’re still running our own business, but we know that we can count on them for support whenever we need it,” said Singh. “We know that Togo’s wants to see us succeed. They make the effort to check in and see that things are going well, and help us make sure that we’re on the right track.”

5. The West Coast Original’s Business Model is Simple and Proven to Be Successful

Beyond its strong support team and competitive ownership opportunity, Togo’s also offers prospective franchisees a simple and proven business model. The brand’s affordable initial investment and expertise in the sandwich segment makes it a great opportunity for multi-brand franchise owners who are looking to diversify their portfolios. That also means that its business is easy to scale—franchisees can continue opening up more units with Togo’s as they expand their reach as entrepreneurs. And with hundreds of locations thriving in a variety of different communities, Togo’s has proven time and time again that its model is catching on among consumers and business owners alike.

“There’s no doubt that it’s a great time to be a part of the Togo’s brand. Our position as a leader in the rapidly growing segment of the restaurant industry means that we’re posed for expansion in the months and years ahead,” said Todd Peterson, chief development officer for Togo’s. “We’re excited to open up locations in new communities and introduce even more consumers to their new favorite sandwich shop.”

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