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The Togo's Brand Story
About Togo's Great Sandwiches

In 1971, out of a small sandwich shack in San Jose, Togo's started with a fairly simple goal: provide made-to-order sandwiches filled with fresh ingredients. After opening a second location in 1974, Togo's began franchising in the late '70s. The brand has become a West Coast original because of its high quality ingredients and one-on-one friendly service that sets them apart. While most of their franchises are based in California, Togo's is expanding throughout the West with close to 300 locations open or under development.

Why Togo's?

For our customers, it starts with the quality and quantity of ingredients they get to add to their custom made Togo's sandwiches. For our franchisees, it's our training and support that sets us apart. With our service being one of our top priorities, extensive and on-going training for our franchisees helps ensure that every time someone comes in to their local Togo's, they get the same great experience. Our franchise business consultants are in regular contact with our franchisees to provide both operational and financial guidance. Our success is tied to your success, so we invest in the resources necessary to help you meet your goals.

Togo's also has a number of corporate run locations that serve as our lab for testing out everything from new ingredients, store layouts and new ways to manage your employees to new practices designed to impact your profitability. We test here so that when we roll it out, we already know it's going to be successful and positively impact our franchisees operations.




Why Our Franchisees Chose Togo's

Total Investment is between $239,700 to $543,200.  This range is impacted by number of locations you sign up for, location, real estate development, and financing.

Minimum Net Worth: $300,000

Liquid Capital Required: $150,000

For a specific breakdown, click here.

Our Team

Meet the Togo's Team

Tony Gioia - Chairman & CEO

Jim Peros - Chief Operating Officer

Todd Peterson - Chief Development Officer

Susan Koch - Chief Financial Officer

Togo’s franchisee Travis Grubb attributes his success to being dedicated to all aspects of his three locations. Having focused on and invested specifically in marketing, Grubb’s business has grown year over year since he opened his first Togo’s location in 2007. Togo’s took notice, awarding Grubb the Franchisee of the Year at the company’s annual convention.

After working with Togo’s corporate for 25 years, Grubb saw an opportunity to stay with the company, but on a more autonomous level.

“I think many people have a little bit of a dream to own their own business,” he says. “And the product quality and abundance was something to be proud of. When we produce our product for our guests, it looks like the pictures. When you lay a foundation like that, as long as you’re operating properly, it’s a recipe for success.”

Unsurprisingly, Grubb has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to positive business practices. Like any other business owner, years of overcoming challenges has led to absorbing some beneficial lessons along the way.

“I realized that it’s not about the restaurant business,” explained Grubb. “It’s the people. If I’m not taking care of myself, my family, my health, trying to be a good person and setting a good example, who am I to be the leader in my own restaurant? And then I manage and enforce the golden rule among my employees. If you take care of yourself and your employees, your guests will be taken care of, too.”

When it comes to being a successful business operator on the actual, brick-and-mortar level, Grubb says it’s all about showing up and being able (and willing) to wear multiple hats. Developing relationships with both his employees and customers gives Grubb a good idea about where his focus needs to shift that day, month, or even year.

“At the turn of this year, I decided to wake up every morning and force myself to put on my marketing hat,” explains Grubb. “I’ve developed a pretty positive system and Togo’s has recognized that.”

Togo’s corporate has been reaching out to Grubb to learn more about his systems, which have led to his year over year success.

As for now, Grubb is sticking true to what’s worked for him in the past: focusing on how to best run his existing locations before committing to opening a new one.

“While I’m not against opening a new location, I’m not quite ready because there’s still more I want to accomplish at my current restaurants,” Grubb said.

It’s that type of dedication to each of his restaurants, and realistically taking stock of his own bandwidth, that makes Grubb such a valuable franchisee for the Togo’s concept.

Click here to learn more about Travis Grubb. 


Executive Q&A: Todd Peterson, Chief Development Officer for Togo’s

What has been Togo’s secret to success since its founding in 1971?

“We believe we have the kind of quality in the sandwich industry that’s second to none. That’s the DNA of Togo’s, and it’ll always be the DNA of Togo’s,” said Todd Peterson, the Chief Development Officer for Togo’s. “Our success over the years has really come down to our product. For those that know the brand, it’s pretty striking how many of our guests over the years have been—and continue to be—such ardent supporters. We have that same kind of loyal following as a place like In-N-Out—that kind of deep-rooted affinity that you don’t always see in other brands.”

What is fueling Togos’ continued growth throughout the West Coast and beyond?  

“Togo’s is embarking on a rebranding process—one where we’re looking at everything from improving our delivery process and how we interact with guests to the speed of our service, our menu and our restaurants’ designs,” Peterson said. “We want to make sure that we’re continuing to grow, remaining relevant and being competitive within our segment. If you’re not growing, you’re not optimizing your brand. We don’t want to be in that camp. Instead, we want to stay ahead of the curve by always striving to be the best version of ourselves as possible.”

What makes Togo’s a unique franchise opportunity?

“We have five consecutive years of same-store sales growth, and our average revenue is above average among sandwich franchisees. We’re always looking for new ways to make our franchisees more profitable and even more efficient, and we’re excited about the new path that Togo’s is embarking on over the next year,” Peterson said. “Passion drives everything we do here at Togo’s, and we believe this is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to own a business and feel proud of what they do every single day.”  




No. Of Units Currently Open:


Start-Up Costs:

$239,700 to $543,200

Franchise Fee:




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